Spray pop music


We’ve got a new single out through our friends and associates at Analogue Trash. The first track from our next as-yet-untitled album is Félicette (Space Cat). Telling the true story of the first and only cat to be launched into space it will be available to stream from June 18th and will also be available – through Bandcamp – as a limited 7″ vinyl picture disc. The picture disc is not only a fabulous item and artefact BUT it is also a playable music disc that contains a brand new song THAT WILL NEVER BE RELEASED ANYWHERE ELSE! We expect somebody will rip it to YouTube before long, but we ourselves will never release ‘Being A Playa Ain’t Easy, Dog’ digitally or on CD.


However, one month later in July there will be the Félicette EP – containing a remix of Felicette, a bunch of studio versions of songs we performed online in lockdown, and a fantastic club mix of ‘Being A Playa Ain’t Easy, Dog’ by the wonderful Emmet (the secret techno identity of the Lancashire Hotpots).